Monday, May 14, 2012

Scrapbook Steals retreat

Sorry I've continued to be MIA lately, we are SO busy at work lately that I'm picking up as much overtime as I can and unfortunately that means on my few days off each week, I'm spending it with my family and sleeping so there's no time/mojo left to craft with!  :-(  But while they're offering the big bucks for working OT, I'm going to keep doing it because it definitely won't last forever and I can't complain about the extra money coming in!

But I do have some exciting news that I keep forgetting to post about...I took the plunge and decided to go to the Scrapbook Steals retreat in October in Salt Lake City, UT!!  I had really wanted to go last year but my youngest was too small for me to be ok with leaving him, and while it still won't be easy to leave my boys - I'm going knowing this will be good for mama and they will be home having fun with daddy!!!  :-) 

And even more exciting, I'm meeting 3 friends there (Chris , Tracy , and Raquel) whom I've known online for over 5 yrs now but never met in person!!!  Kristy, who inspires me nearly every day on the Scrapbook Steals blog with her fantastic sketches and ideas, will be there and it will be so neat to finally meet her in person!  So this will be the best weekend for all of us moms to get away and refresh ourselves with a creative weekend!! 

I'm just now patiently waiting for the airfare to drop back down, I missed the super cheap rate last month :-( and was working a stretch of nights and it skyrocketed before I booked - so I'm waiting and watching, praying it goes back down so all my spending cash I wanted to take with me, doesn't go towards my flights!

I'm SO excited!!!  :-)  Anyone else going?


  1. I'm so excited too Kim! I cannot wait!

  2. I finally had a chance to visit your blog and become a follower!!! Love it!!!! See you on blog hop day!!!!


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