Friday, August 19, 2011

Anniversary Giveaway at The Twinery

I love twine and I buy mine at The Twinery, its the best!  Well today I found out they have a blog (why didn't I know this before today?) and its their anniversary week! 

Today they are giving away massive amounts of twine - I would be in heaven if I won all that twine!!  They are giving away TWO FULL sets of their Ultimate Twine Bundle!! 
Look at all that twine!!  *photo taken from The Twinery blog* 

Go here for more details on how you can win!!


  1. LOL I love Twine to Kim, but thats a load of twine, we could string it from my house to yours.

  2. Its closed now! :( Please share if you win! :) Funny thing is I was just looking at the twine a few days ago and thinking I needed to order some. I was clicking around looking at their twine bundles and saw their blog but don't remember seeing the giveaway so I have no clue if I may have entered it or not. If I did and I win, I'll share!



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