Sunday, August 28, 2011

My new blog design!

I have to thank my friend Chris for my beautiful new blog design - a few of my followers let me know they were having issues seeing my blog due to my last design, so Chris gave my blog a makeover and I LOVE it!!! 

She is amazingly talented, in both scrapbooking and card making, but also blog design!  Please visit her blog Get Inspired With Chatterscene to see her paper projects as well as t-shirts, bracelets - she does it all!  And also, please get in contact with her via her blog if you need her to overhaul your blog as well!

She has a 400 follower giveaway going on - she's at 397 right now, so if you aren't a follower - you should become one and help her reach her goal, you won't be disappointed!  She's giving away a great book that we could all definitely use!

Chris also owns a fun messageboard, Chatter Scene, where we talk about everything from scrapbooking/card making (we love to enable each other!), to parenting, to the latest news and books - there's something for everyone!  There's a great group of women over there and we have a lot of fun, talking about anything and everything!  She has a School Time contest in the craft forum going on right now, so definitely check that out - great prizes to be won!

Thanks again to Chris for my amazing new blog design - it looks fantastic!  Go HERE to get in touch with her and give your own blog a facelift!  :-)

Have a great evening everyone, I'm off to try to come up with a design I'm happy with for my son's 1st birthday invite- its in 3 weeks and I have a mental block on how to do them, I haven't liked anything I've made so far - but the pressure is on now, I need to get them in the mail!


  1. Great job on your blog! You have so much to see and do!

  2. Awe TY Kim for all the kind words:)

    I am so glad you like it:)

  3. I think the new design looks great!

  4. Your new design looks great! Chris did a great job. --Pat N.

  5. Chris did a great job, need to take some pointers and teach myself.


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