Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creating Keepsakes convention

I went to CKC past weekend and it was awesome, I really enjoyed myself!!  I took 2 classes - 15 minute pages where we did 4 LOs in an hour and a Scrapbooking technique workshop where we did 10 LOs in 3 hrs!!  Or more like we were supposed to finish all those but no one did, I think I came home with one completed LO - it was just moving too quickly to be able to finish!  But the important part is that we learned all kinds of new techniques and we can finish the LOs on our own some other time.

Then I volunteered as a helper in 4 classes that Quick Quotes presented - the teacher was Lisa, she's their blog coordinator and such a great teacher!  Though it was a lot of running around over the course of 6 hours, I did enjoy getting to meet women who share the same passion as I do, as well as helping them and learning some tricks myself!

I also did a little shopping in the vendor fair but I didn't go crazy - there were so many people, that it was hard to really look at all the different products, so I only bought a few things that I couldn't live without, including these Powder Puff chalking inks that Quick Quotes make!!  After seeing everyone use them in the classes, I knew I had to have them.  Everyone raved about them, so I was sold and the $10 off coupon I had for them didn't hurt!  ;-)  And after using them last night, I'm so glad I got them!!

I hope to get pictures taken of everything I got and once I finish all the LOs, I will post those as well!  But the week is moving entirely too quickly and now with working the next couple of nights, it will be the weekend before I have any time to play!

So if CKC comes near you, I definitely recommend going!  I'm looking forward to going next year again and hopefully taking more classes!

Don't forget about my Halloween blog hop tomorrow - it starts here bright and early and there will be some fun giveaways!  See you tomorrow!!

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  1. I am so glad you had fun at the convention. Sounds like you creative mind was put in Overdrive.....LOL!
    Just popping back to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the hop. I was able to follow a few new blogs full of exceptional talent. Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess!


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