Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally cool again!!

Forgive my absence lately- last week ended up being a nightmare!!  I realized Monday afternoon when I was working in my scraproom that the AC was making a funny noise, like it was trying to kick on but couldn't.  So I went back upstairs and realized that in the last 2 hrs that I had been downstairs, it had gotten a lot hotter in the house, 82 degrees at that point.

Long story short, our compressor failed and the whole system had to be replaced. :( But because it was the hottest week of the year so far, ours wasn't the only one having issues and it wasn't until Friday that they got it installed and Saturday morning before the house was finally bearable again.

Because it was over 100 degrees outside, it was 94 degrees inside the house during the day, so the boys and I spent as much time away as possible while my husband was at work, because it was absolutely miserable here!  Never again will I take my cool house for granted!

So the project that I had completed for the Cricut 360 blog challenge last week never got posted for that challenge :( and now I'm behind on all the other projects I had planned to get done, but I will get it up later this weekend because I love the way it turned out and hopefully I will get caught up in the next couple of days!
Don't forget the Christmas in July blog hop that starts tomorrow - everyone has some great projects to share and inspire you to get a jumpstart on your holiday projects because it will be here before we know it!!  :)

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  1. Sounds like you have a hot week I sure hope you were able to find a cool place.
    Can't wait to see your things. I have become one of your followers.


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